Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Completed My First Digital Scrapbook Kit

Hello Friends,

I've been scrapbooking digitally for a few months, and I love it. I've tried my hand at a few techniques, and today I completed my first kit. It's not perfect, and it's in need of many more elements, which I intend to put together into an element pack.

I am grateful for all the gals at and who have helped me along the way.

Check out TaylorMadeDesigns for great tutorials on Digital Scrapbooking! I've also made great progress thanks to

Here's a little preview of my new kit.

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  1. I found your post at DST. Congratulations on your blog and taking the first steps into designing. You've done well with your first kit. I haven't tried designing myself yet - I have too many bought kits I haven't used yet LOL.