Monday, August 11, 2008

Top-Notch Weekend

Marty, Zachary, Victoria, Lorelei, Tonya
Central Florida Zoo 8/11/2008

We just had a WONDERFUL weekend. Our niece, Victoria, came to visit us from her mom's house. She's spends the summers with her mom and we get time with her too.
It's just great! My kids look forward to their time with Vicki and Matt and I cherish each minute we get to spend with her too.

Of course, now, she's a teenager! She turned 13 a few weeks ago, and I worry that she'll stop wanting to hang out with me. This year, however, she loved being with me, as usual.

My in-laws picked her up and brought her here, and we celebrated her birthday, went to the beach and zoo, and I took over 500 photos. We got to chow at Outback Steakhouse and watch some of the Olympics. It was great. We even got a good laugh at my shortness, when Vicki had to lean down to hug me.

Lorelei, Victoria, Zachary
New Smyrna Beach 8/10/2008

Lorelei, Victoria, Zachary
Central Florida Zoo 8/11/2008

At the zoo, everyone got to feed goats, sheep and Zebu. They were really cool and very gentle. We also got to see the three cheetahs up super close! We were in the butterfly garden when I noticed one pacing and I went to get a closer look at the back of the garden when I noticed that the other 2 were sleeping in the shade right at my feet. The kids were super excited! We usually only see them from far away.

We also got to hear the sounds of the Siamang.
They sounded way cool today, and I managed to get them on video.

Victoria is amazing. She's been amazing since I met her. She was two. I knew Matt was falling hard for me when he introduced me to her as Aunt Katie after we'd only been dating 2 months. She's called me that ever since. It's been a blast to watch her grow up. She's smart, funny, talented, sporty and confident. It's wonderful! She's really into science! She's on a quest to play Field Hockey AND Soccer in High School, AND she wants to be in advanced courses to ensure herself a place at a good university. WOW, just WOW!

We had a really great weekend. I am grateful that we got this time with our niece. It's always a blessing.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Katie!! Looks like ya'll had an amazing time at the beach! :) Thanks so much for the comment on my blog-- it was great to "meet" you!! :D