Monday, August 18, 2008

Kids and the Funk Question

How do you feel when others do it? Are you miffed, do you go on a cleaning spree? Do you say something to the parents or do you just let it slide? Leave some chatter in my comments on this one, everyone! I try very hard not to expose my friends to bad funk. I have some who are more at ease about it, and I'm not super picky about things like the common cold, and I'd welcome Chicken Pox, but that sports lifetime immunity (usually)! I'd really rather you stay home if you're sporting the flu, meningitis, strep throat, you know the things that really bother kids, cause them pain and basically ruin the week.

1 comment:

  1. I am all about the flu I don't care, because I am going to normally get it anyway, even the common cold doesn't bother me.

    If there is stuff coming out of your kids nose and it is crusty and green please for the love of GOD don't come into my house. Pink eye, lice you know stuff that is really nasty that I don't want you can stay away. I am prone to tonsillitis so all your throat infection-ed people should just go away!

    If your child has some unknown rash yeah you can stay away too just for my piece of mind.